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My Personal Testimony

No one ever told me about Jesus while I was in the streets. Most of my life up to this point was spent getting high on anything I could get my hands on. For years I was actively involved in all the illegal activity that comes with the lifestyle of addiction and then some. I was filled with demons, going to hell and running there as fast as I could. I was 100% committed to destruction and not stopping. And not one person ever stopped to tell me about Jesus. I was relieved when I finally got caught. I was tired of hurting and hurting others. The first time I heard about Jesus was in prison when a man came in to teach Bible study. I didn't really care to go but it was something different to do. Not long after my incarceration I found a old torn up Bible that the other prisoners were using for rolling paper. I opened it up to the book of John Chapter 3 with Nicodemus and Jesus. I would read a verse and do 50 push-ups. I read until I got to the part where Nicodemus asked Jesus how it is possible to be born again. I remember throwing that Bible on my bunk and saying God if your real show me. This started an intense 3 day encounter in my cell where Jesus completely delivered me and freed me from every addiction and demonic force that held me in bondage! I left my cell 3 days later a new creation eternally changed and completely set free! And I've never looked back! What God did for me He'll do for you!! God makes all things new! 


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